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BTEAM COMMUNICATION WITH THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. VitNew Milfori (Milford Haven) iS Water ford DAILY SERVICE-SUNDAYS EXCEPTED. RFHK Milford Haven and Waterford A Royal Mail Steamers -will sail (wind and weather per fitting). ′ MILFORD HAVEN & N ON *R°m New Milford, 7.5 p.m.,on From atcr RRIRAL OF the 9.15 a.m. express arriral of the tr.un from OORK, ID 6.0 a.m. third class trains, Limerick, &c, so 0 M to on able Dasseneeri to passengers to proceed by the PROCEED by the 6 a.m. train to 9.5 a.m. express train, reaching â– LIMERICK Pork /kr. London about 6 p.M. For FURTHER particulars apply at any of the Railway Stations, of ft essr Ford and Jackson, 36, Cannon-street, City, London, South Wales. See Bradahaw'S Railway GUIDE ^DTIME Tables. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL, MILFORD, SWANSEA, & BRISTOL For the Month of MAY, 1864. The Liverpool and Bristol Channel Steam Navigation Company's Steam Ships 5?VKRP.ION, Capt, W. Adams. AKNIB VERNON,Capt.IIughan ^TAQV, Capt Claike J.KKSNKDY, Capt Speatman. Pint Murnhv • THOMAS To WE W, Capt. Howies "ITON FEKRV Capt. Barrett, WINDERMERE, Capt. J.Barrett GLADIATOR 700 Tons. The above, or some other switable vessel, is intended to sai Goods and rassen«crs, (unless prevented by any unforeseen tQ currence) as follow?, with or without pilots, and liberty to 1V vessels From Liverpool to Milford and Bristol. ELDING passengers for SWANSEA, at the Mumbles, (weather permitting.) A tSSSS^Iz X? I K5::r Sk 3? From Milford J or Bristol. Landing Passengers for Swansea at the Mumbles (weathet permitting) Jlnday May 10 morn Sunday 15 9 morn "Inday 8 I morn Sunday 22 3 mom Saturday 29 8 morn From Milford for Liverpool. ^TURNING from Bristol every Tuesdays and from Swansea every Wednesday. ^EDNESD»Y May 4 9 even Wednesday 18 8 even WEDNESDAY 11 LI after | Wednesday 25 1 after FARES (Return tickets available for two voyages.)! Cabin. Deck. Return JKLFORD to or from Liverpool 13» OD 7s Od 18S V!,LF0TRT to or from Bristol 7s Od 13s *Uford to or from Swansea (Mumbles) 5* OD 3s OD J«S8ENGERS are landed and embarked at Milford (weather per- ′ mitting) free of charge in the Steam Tender GIPS\. FOR further particulars see small bill, or apply to John Bacot !,N<L Co., MANAKINTR Owners, 14, Water-street, Liverpool; G. R. S'MIS, Bristol; Charles Lamb, Swansea; John Ivenworthy an-T °'' ALANCHCKTER- R D HORE, AGBKT, MILORD. AI.L CURES MADE EASY BY HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. *0* Legs, Ulcerous Sores, Bad Breasts, and Old Wounds NO description of wound, sore, or ulcer, can resist the 'LEALIN? ^°Perties of this excellent Ointment. THE worst eases readily ,TTN»E a healthy appearance whenever this medicament is FWIED sound flesh springs wp from the bottom of the wound, •"lamination of the surrounding skin is arrested, and a complete permanent cure quickly follows the use of the Ointment. Piles, Fistulas, and Internal Inflammation. V THESE distressing and weakening diseases may with certainty £ CURED by the sufferers themselves, if they will use Holloway* FITMENT/AND closelv attend to the printed instructions. It "SID be well rubbed upon the neighbouring parte, when aU. 2. N°xious matter will be removed. A poultice of bread and JATER mar sometimes be applied at bed time WITH advantage; most scrupulous cleanliness must be observed. If those WHO S** this paragraph will bring it under the nohce of^ueh of acquaintances -whom it may concern, the} ^â–¼IOE that will never be forgotten, as a cure is certain. Rheumatism, Gout, and Neuralgia. Nothing has the power of reducing inflammation and subduing Câ„¢. 111 THESE complaints in the same degree as Hollow ay, ooling Ointment and purifying Pills. W hen used simultaneously drive all inflammation and depravities from the *?">due and remove all enlargement of the joints, and leave the- V*NEWS and muscles lax and uncontracted. A cure may always effected, even under the worst circumstances, if the use of Ie medicines be persevered in. Eruptions, Scald Mead, Ringworm, and other Skin Diseases. After fomentation with warm water, the utmost relief and 'Neediest cure can be readily obtained in all complaints affecting- the skin aIKi joints, bv the simultaneous use of the Ointment and Piitq But if must be remembered that nearly all skin ^ea^s indicate ^depravity of the.bleed liver and stomach consequently, M MANS^CA^ QUIRED to purify the blood, which ^1 BEEMTEA Y JW'of the Pills. The generalu-than before, ^THOUGH the eruption may be driven out more ire Y which should be promoted; perseverance is nece Bore Throats, Diptheria, Quinsey, Mumps, and all other Derangements of the Throat. »I the appearance of any of these MA'A(J,'<^ ,INON^THE^ECK be well rubbed at least three JA^AS ■» upper nart of the chest, so as to penetrate to the gianu., is forced into meat this course will at once rcmove mflam ?JATION and ulceration. The worst cases will yield to this treat ^NT by following the printed directions. Scrofula or King's Evil, and Swelling of the Glands class of cases may be cured by Holloway *s purifying Pills and FITMENT, as their doable aetion of puritying the blood and LENGTHENING the system renders them more »uitable than any ?;"ER remedy for all complaints of a scrofulous nature. As the 2LO»D IS impure, the liver, stomach, and bowels, being much ETANGED, require purifying medicine to bring about a cure. Soth the Ointments and Pills should be used in the following oases:— J.ADLEGS Chilblains Glandular Scurvy 5** breasts Chappedhands swellings Sore-heads 5UJNS Corns (soft) Lumbago Tumours »>NS Cancers Piles Ulcers "5 of Mos- Contracted & Rheumatism Wounds Chctoes and stiff joints Scalds Taws R8and-flies Elephantiasis Sore nipples J^CO-BAY Fistula Sore mroats Gout Skin diseases 8old at THT> Futablishments of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand TEM^E Bar,) London, and by all respectable Druggists v*»* There is a considerable saving by taking thelarger sizes ^-Direction, lor the guidance of patients m ever, disorder are aiiixed to each 1 ot. and Druggists, with Welsh Directiollll, without extraexpense. RECKII ON' 0\ BLACK LEAD. Used in the Palaces of and the P R INC E, MOllE CLEANLY, POLISHES MORE QUICKLY, and CHEAPER, because it ia less wasteful. And because a little goes further than any other kmd. RECKITT & SONS, London Bridge, E.C., and Hull. ^SOLD by A. E. Thomas, Tea Denier; enry Roach, London Tea Mart, and F. & J* **Resale Grocers, Haverfordwest. Js very choice and stronsr, J I/yi' because it consists of valuable growths /Y\ ml/f. of rich e^cutinl properties. # IM Is very moderate in price, because 'supplied direct from, 1 he HPL" ]oii,orUrs, to save intermediate profits, j' V, VJISK IS very wholesome to use, D BECAUSE not '/OM/'witli usual powders. T-TL' I These very great adva.xit.ages KVA • TL secure for this Te i. crneral proforonce. J\J 3s. 4D. 3s. 8d., 4s., & 4s. 4d. lb. {/* F\\ As the Trnde-mark, Lnbl0 are V J\A KjA imitated, see that each packet xi.inedby */fsr. J/orm'nm»$Co LONDON, OrUi-nnl Importers of the Pure Tea v-'A\V AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT dougher. High-street ii,"GIYAJID Catpenter, Bookseller Av £ RKOB.D'WB8T Llewellin, Draper M W. Williams, Druggist JF Sayce, STATIONER ^"WELLY Waters, Chemist J^UGHAKNK David, CHEMIST ces an T ^A1jELLY Bees and Broom > ^NT,ILO JONETI POST Office 0Vkky Morgan, Medical rlall MITPORD Palmer, Watchmaker JJ ,8. &• H. Lewis, Drapers IC^'OKX Griffith, Post Office Daviesfy Pratt, Drapers I>uv'' George, Barrett, Bookseller ST >, Tucker, Fancj Repository 1V»^VID'8 Owen &c Co., Drapers Williams, Medical Hall Mason, Bookseller COMMRRCIAL OFFICES, PRINTING HOUSE SQUARE, next the Times, E.C., J- London. Messrs. P. B. HALL and Co., Adverti- sing, House, Estate, and General Business Agents, have always for disposal Hotels, Public Houses, Beer Houses, Coffee Houses, Tobacconists, Grocery, Drapery, Millinery, Stationery, in short, business of every description in London and Country from X20 upwards, many of which must be disposed of for urgent private reasons, and capa- ble of giving good livings to those desirous of employing time and capital. Parties intending to take a Business in the Metropolis, Neighbourhood, or elsewhere, should at once communicate particulars of the class of Business desired, amount of Capital, &c.; and information for- warded on receipt of Stamp for reply. Address P. B. HALL and Co. Auctioneers, Valuers, &c, Printing House Square. London, E.C. MESSRS. P. B. HALL, & Co., OF PRINTING HOUSE SQUARE, next the Times, London, E.C., House, Estate, and Employment Agents, negociate Partnerships of every description for those requiring skill or capita), or both: Houses, Shops, and Apartments, furnished or unfurnished, to be let in every locality in London and neighbourhood, and also throughout the kingdom. Parties coming from the country or abroad can have arrangements made for their reception in town according to instructions. Money ad- vanced on Goods, Leases, and other tangible securities. Manufacturers, Tradesmen, and others having an over- stock of goods on hand, and wishing them turned into cash, can have them sold an commission, and in the in- terim, if desired, obtain a cash advance of two-thirds the value. Bankruptcy arrangements with creditors effected economically and without publicity. Commercial and Domestic Situations of every kind Registered and Adver- tised for in London and the provinces. Employers suited free; Accounts collected Letters—one stamp for reply. FIRST CLASS FURNITURE CARRIAGE FREE To any part of the Kingdom. LONDON FURNITURE GALLERIES, 144, OXFORD STREET, (OPPOSITE BOND STREET.) To Persons Furnishing. DRAWING ROOM SUITES complete from £ 13 to £ 50. DINING ROOM SUITES complete in morocco, from JE28. BEDROOM SUITES, from £2G. Ser- vants' Bedrooms, from J64. Bachelors' Bedrooms, from X7. Mahogany Winged Wardrobes, from 9 guineas; bedsteads and Bedding of every description and quality Dining Tables in Mahogany and Oak, from 3 to 40 guineas; Chimney Glasses in endless variety. Persons unable to pay a visit of inspection c;tn receive catalogues gratis and post free, on application. Refer- ence kindly permitted to former customers. A written warranty if required. P. & S. BEYFUS, Established 1843. Just Published, Price Is, post frte for 14 stamps, or in a sealed envelopefor 20 stamps, PREMATURE DEBILITY, a popular Medical Work, illus- P trated with numerous Engravings, treating on Sperma- torrhoea, its causes, and cure, giving full instructions for the perfect restoration of those who are prevented by impediments from entering into the Married State, also showing the dreadful results from early abuse, Gonorrhoea, and Syphillis. Address James Allen( bookseller, 211, Warwick-lane, Pater- noster row, London. TRIESEMAR No. I. Is a certain remedy for relaxation, Spermatorrhea, and all the distressing consequences arising from early abuse, indiscriminate excesses, or too long residence in hot climates. TRIESEMAR No. II. Effectually eradicates all traces of Gonnorrlicea, both in its mild and aggravated forms, Gleets, Strictures, Irritation of the Bladder, Pains of the Loins and Kidneys, and all urino-genital diseases. TRIESEMAR No. III. Is the great Continental Remedy for Syphilis and Secondary Symptoms. TRIESEMAR, No. 1, 2, and 3, prepared in the form of a lozenge, devoid of taste or smell, and can be carried in the waistcaat pocket. Price Its, or four cases in one for 33s, wMch saves lis; and in 45 cases, whereby there is a saving of AGEXTS :-Newberry & Sons, 45, St. Paul's Churchyard W. Sutton & Co, 10, Bow Churchyard W. Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Churchyard; J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street; E. Cleaver, 63, Oxford-street; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Prout and Harsant, 229, Strand; Robert Howden, 78, Gracechurch-street; Bartlett Hooper, 45, King William-street, E.C. A Lecture, by post, two stamps; sealed 12. Address, Secretary, London Anatomical Museum, 44H, Maddox-street, Regent Street, W. ON MARRIAGE; its Physical Duties and Obligations, with Essay on Sterilily in Man and Woman its Cause and Cure. By a Physician. To which is appended a catalogue of the con- tents of the Museum, which is open, for Gentlemen only, from ten till ten. Admission Is. MASCULINE VIGOUR GUARANTEED IN FOURTEEN At DAYS, without the possibility of failure, by the use of DR BRIGHT'S REMEDY, prepared in the form of a Lozenge, to insure secrecy. Invaluable in all cases of Generative and Physical Debility, Spermatorrhoea, &c. Sent carefully packed, on receipt of1"I: free by post, 12s, for stamps or post office order, or on application. Address, Dr Bright, 29, George-street, Hanover-square, London, W. BUCHAN'S SUGAR-COATED SARSAPARILLA PILLS. IT is a WELL-KNOWN FACT that SARSAPARILLA is the i greatest purirer of the blood in the world. KEEP YOUR BLOOD PURE! The Bowels regular I And DEFY the DOC- TOR These Pills strike at the root of each disease, they are particularly beneficial where mercury has been employed, and are for the cure of every ailment incidental to man, woman, and child, such as all eruptions of the Skin, Indigestion, Bilious, Liver and Stomach Complaints, General Weakness, Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Pains in the Limbs, Headaches, Sore Throats, and every complaint caused by irregularities of the bowels, obstructed perspiration, and deteriorated and unhealthy blood. Patent Medicine Warehouse, 19, Berners-street, Oxford. street, London. WHOLESAM: AGV.N'TS :-Barclav & Co,, j, Far- ringdon-street; and from all Chemists. Sold in Bottles, Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. TIIF SILENT FRIEND on MARRIAGE, a Medical Work, a Guide to those who have imperilled the power of manhood bv Youthful indiscretions; treating on Syphillis, Secondary Svmptoms, Gonorrhoea, &c, containing a Trescnption known as the preventive Lotion, to avoid contamination; I!)0 pages, with 50 engravings free by post 12 stamps, sealed 20. Address, Messrs PERRY & CO, Surgeons, 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, London, W. Consultations daily, 11 till 2, and from 5 till 8. PARRY'S CORDIAL BALM OF SYRIACUM-ForaUcases X resulting from the errors or excesses of youth, loss of natural power and vigour. Price lis, or four times the qaan- nERUY'S COPAIBA AND CUBEB GLOBULES, the original JL preparation composed of the very essence of the Balsam ef Copaiba and Cubebs, perfectly tasteless, in consequence of their being encased in sugar. In all cases of Gonon-hcea, Gleet, Stricture, &c., a single trial will prove the efficacy of this wonder working remedy. Price Is. 6d. and 1 Mef<frs anvwhere. on rceeipt of Post-office order. A<tdress,_Me« rs. PiiBitv & Co., as above; or may be had from Pro lit & Harsant, -it-and; Sanger 150, Oxford street, London. W. DR. DE JONGH'S (Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium.) LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed bv the most eminent Medical Men throughout the world as the safest, speediest, and most effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, COUGHS, RHEUMATISM GENERAL DEBILITY, DISEASES OF THE SKIN, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, AND ALL SCROFULOU8 AFFECTIONS. DR. DE' JONGH'S Oil is the most efficacious, the most palatable, ind from its rapid curative effects, unquestionably the most economical of all kinds. Its immeasurable therapeutic supe- riority over e-*ry other variety is now universally acknowledged. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS: SIR HENRY MARSH, BART., M.D. Phusician in Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland. 'I consider Dr de Jongh'lI Light Brown Cod Liver 011 to be 4 1 consider Dr de Jongh's I and a therapeutic very pure oil, Rot likely to create disgust, agent of great value.' SIR JOSEPH OLLIFFE, M.D., Physician to the British Embassy at Paris. T have frequently prescribed Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil, and I have every reason to be satisfied with its bene- ficial and'salutary effects.' DR. LETHEBY, Medical Officer of Health, and Chief Analyst to the City of London. Tt is I believe, universally acknowledged that Dr de Jongh's Lieht-Brown Cod Liver Oil has great therapeutic power; and from my investigations, I have no doubt of its being a pure and unadulterated article.' DR. LANKESTER, F.R.S., Coroner for Central Middlesex. 'I consider that the purity of this Oil is secured in its preparation by the personal attention of so good a Chemist and intelligent a Physician as Dr De Jongh. Hence I deem the Cod Liver Oil sold under his guarantee to be preferable to any other kind as regards genuineness and medicinal efficacy.' DR. LAWRANCE, Physician to H.R.H. the Duke of Saxe- Cobourg and Gotha '1 invariably prescribe Dr de Jongh's Cod Liver Oil in prefer- ence to any other, feeling assured that I am recommending a genuine article, and not a manufactured compound, in which the efficacy of this invaluable medicine is destroyed.' DR. BARLOW, Senior Physician to Guy's Hospital. i I have freouentlv recommended persons consulting me to P nf r)r de Jongh's Cod Liver Oil. I have been well ma- c it<s effects, and believe it to be a very pure oil, well fitted for Those cases in which the uae of that substance is indi- cated.' DB. GRANVILLE, F.R.S., Author of the 4 Spas of Germany.' v,oD fmind that Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod 4 Dr Granville bas effect in a shorter time than other Liver Oil produces tli cau8e the nausea and indigestion too kinds, and that it does^not cause, oil? often consequent on the admimsu*" T II′′R{ COD LIVER OIL is sold only DR. DE. JONGH'S Lâ„¢ t 2s6u, Pints,4s 9d; Q-arts, 9G; in capsuled I: .PERIAL Hall-pi TURE) WITHOUT WHICH labelled with his stamp an g reSpectable Chemists and NONE CAN POSSIBLY BE GENUINE, by ie i Druggists. SOLS ANSAR, HARFORD, & CO., 77, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. CA UTIOh.—Firmly resist attempts often made by un- scrupulous dealers to recommend, or substitute, wunâ– < view to an extra pr-fit, other prevarations, under the fallacious pretence that they "are the same as JJr. JJe Jongh's, or equally effitatKUS, EDMOND AND REES, AUCTIONEERS, APPRAISERS, ACCOUNTANTS ETC., omCEa—DARK-STREET, HAVE11. FORD WEST. MR. JAMES RIBBON, PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, AND VIOLONCELLO TEACHER Pians-Fortes Tuned. RESIDENCE-ST. THOMAS-STREET, HA TERFORDWEST EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS OF THE NEW MODE OF TREATMENT. Postfreefor Six Stamps, open ends, or Fourteen in a Sealed Etive,pe. THE LAST NEW BOOK, on PREMATURE DECLINE and its ready removal; the modern treatment of certain disquali- fications with rules and numerous prescriptions for the speedy cure by very simple means of nervousness, debility, and all the more common diseases and supposed incurable maladies of the sexual system. Invalids will be astonished at its contents. By Dr. W. DE lloos, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.A.C., &c., of the Ecole de Medcvine, Paris; Graduate in Mcdicinc, Surgery, and Mid- wifery. By the present law, none but the real Physician r Surgeon dare attach M.D. or M.R.C.S. to his name and openly advertise his fees, as heavy penalties would be incurred. The public should therefore guard against impostors who impudently style themselves 'Dr,' 'Professor,' 'M.R.A.S. 'M.A. &c, in order to mislead the unwary as to their true character. None of these men really know more of the diseases they profess to treat than any person may by reading the above work. Fom long practical observation in the most famous Institutions of this country and the continent, the Author has had somewhat unusual facilities for acquiring that uniform success, which has hitherto characterized hi- treatment, and he refers with pride to the numbers he has been instrumental in restoring to health and happ.ness whilst to all who need such aid he offers every assu- rance of speedv restoration. Persons at a distance should for- ward a detail of their case by letter, enclosing jgt Is for advice and medicines, which will be sent by return. Patients corres- ponded with till curcd. Post-office orders to be made payable at the General Post Office, to Dr. WALTER DE Roos, M.D., 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Square, London. Hours for con- sultation, 12, till 2, Sundays excepted. It is important to recol- lect the address, as to meet the wish of patients, TUK ENTRANCE IS STRICTLY PRIVATE. THE MOST WONDERFUL MEDICINE IN THB WORLD nURE IN FOUR WEEKS.—THE GUTTiE VIT/E, or VEGE* IJ TABLE LIFE DROPS, Protected by Royal Letters Patent Sanctioned by the Faculte de France 4 c., have in numberless instances proved their superiority over every other advertised remedy for langour, lassitude, d, pression of spirits, irritability, excitement, fear, distaste and incapacity for society, study or business, indigestion, pains and palpitations in the side, giddi- ness. noise in the head, &c. This medicine strengthens the vitality of the whole system, gives energy to the muscles, speedily removes nervousness, renovates the impaired powers of life, and invigorates the most shattered constitution. For skin eruptions, sore throat, pains in the bones, and those diseases in which mer- cury, sarsaparilla, &c, are too often employed to the utter ruin of health, its su prising eflicacacy has only to be tested. Before wasting valuable time in seeking aid from instruments, electricity, galvanism, with similar absurdities, professing to set aside medicines, by American impostors and others, whose boasted distingui-Ahed qualifications I consist solely of their con- summate impudence, sufferers will do well to make fair trial of a remedy which, concocted on scientific principles, cannot fail. Price 4s 6d and I Is., or four times the latter at 33s per bottle, through all chemists, or direct from 25, Bedford Place, WHERE THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE SBEN. THE THREE DAYS' CURE.—NEW FRENCH REMEDY THERAPION, as uniformly adopted in the French hospitals and by the notabilities of the French faculty; in a remarkably short time, often two or three days only, without the slightest discomfort, inconvenience, or risk, removes all discharges from the mucous membrane, whether of the urinary or other organs. It combine* all the desiderata to be sought in a medicine of the kind, and surpasses everything hitherto employed. Devoid of all unpleasant taste and smell. In packets 2s 9d, 4s 6d, lis, and 33s, through all respectable medicine vendors, or sent direct from the establishment on receipt of stamps or post office order. The I la size contains three at 4s 6d, and those at 33s four of the lis. The stamp, to imitate which is felony, bears the word I TheraDion,l in white letters, by order of HER MAJESTY'S JION. COMMISSIONERS, who thereby secure the proprietor against in- fringement throughout the United Kingdom and the colonies. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, DISEASE OF THE KIDNEYS, BLAD- DER, &c. THE COMPOUND RENAL PILLS correct acidity of the stomach, and indigestion, promote the functions of the liver and kidneys, thereby preventing stone in the bladder and kidneys, with many other serious disorders to which these important organs are subject. Listlessness, weakness, peevishness, and complaints long supposed to be nervous? often arise solely from contamination of the blood with certain impurities which should have been carried off by the kidneys: several unsightly erup- tions of the skin and face also arise from the same cause, and may be as readily removed by these Pills, which in nineteen cases out of twenty cure with a rapidity almost marvellous. Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, lis, and 33s per box, through all chem its. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS MAY BE SEEN BY ANY ONE. Sold by James, Jov, and Evans, Cardiff; Roberts, chemist, Conway; Hughes. chemist, Bangor; Griffith, chemist, High- street, Carnarvon; Edwards, chemist, Denbigh; Hughes, druggist, Holvhead; Price Brothers, Post-office, Bridgend; Thomas, chemist, (opposite Angel), Merthyr; Watkins, High- street, Abergavcnny; Ward, chemist, Brecon White, chemist, Guildhail-square, Carmarthen Williams, chemist, High-street, Cardigan; :deyler, druggist, Haverfordwest; Treweeks, che- mist, Pembroke; Evans, chemist, High-street, Swansea; Hil- ditsh, chemist, Rhyl; Moore, chemist, Broad-street, Newtown; Stephens, chemist, High-street, Merthyr Tydfil; Grindley, elomlst, Chester Ryder, druggist, Mill-street, Macclesfield Broxton, chemist, Shrewsbury; Pearce, King-street, Ludlon, Partridge, bookseller, Wellington Leake and Smith, chemists, Bridgenorth; Mander, Weaver, and Co., Wolverhampton; Hollier, chemist, Dudley; and at least one agent in almost every town; but should difficulty occur, enclose the amount by Post- office order otherwise, to 25, Bedford Place, Bloomsbury Squy re, London, and they will be sent securely packed per return. NOTICE & CAUTION.-Dr. De Roos is the only leh-.lly qualified medical man who thus advertises his medicines; and as there are injurious imitations of the above by self-sty.ed Doctors and Professors, who copy his books, advertisements, &c, and forge testimonials to puff of their useless trash, sufferers should gu-Ard against the recommendation of the same, or other articles, bv dishonest vendors, v !w thereby obtain a larger profit. The eenuine have the words WALTER DE Roos, LONDON,' printed in white letters on the Government Stamp, BY (InnER OF HKR MAJESTY'S HON. COMMISSIONERS to imitate which is felony and transportation. KNOW THYSELF THE ORIGINAL GRAPHIOLOOIST MARIE COUPELLE, continues her vivid, and useful delineations of character from the handwriting of individuals, in a style pecu- liarly her own. Persons desirous of knowing their own charac- teristics, or those of any friend, should send a specimen of writing, stating sex, age, or supposed age, &c., with 14 uncut penny stamp?, and addressed envelope, to MARIE COUPKLLE, Bedford House, Russell-square, London, W.C., when they will receive a lengthened detail of the talents, tastes, virtues, fadings, &c., of the writer, with many other things previously unsus- pected, and calculated to guide in the every day affairs of life. The thousands who acknowledge the value and accuracy of Miss C's sketches, establish the great utity of the science. The characters) you sent were wonderfully truthful. -~It%ss Hall, Athfiiru. Go. Oalwav. I was much surprised a tthe clever way in whicTti you described my character.—Jane Bray, 105, Laits- downe PlaC, Briqh ton. It is pronounced quite extraordinary. —Charles Hamilton. • You described my character so truly, that I could not have done it better.'—Louts Rvnor. mHE PLEASURE-SEEKER'S GUIDE, HOTEL DIRECTORY, X and Excursionist's Handy-Book. This work, containing (in addition to much interesting information) a Tariff of Hotel Charges, will be found very serviceable to all who patronize Excursion Trains. Post free for seven stamps by Johnson & Co, 10, Brooke-street, Holbom. AN ACT OF GRATITUDE.—A gentleman who had been long suffering from a very deplorable state of nervousness, languor, lassitude, low spirits, almost constant headache, dim- ness ofsipht, threatened deafness loss of n'emory an^mgth, in short all zest for enjoyment and everything that renders Ufe pleasant, has been marvellously restored by very simple means, and as a public duty feels it incumbent on hnn to impart the information to others similarly affected, on receipt of agreeted envelope bearing two stamps addressed B. B. L»urie, Esq, Montague Chambers, Montague-street, London. EVERY MAN HIS OWN DOCTOR. For two stamps sufferers may avoid the sham Captaifu who generously caution the public against pills,$c.; tf i setUMyiea reverends; gentlemen of fortune rupture-curing quaeta, ana other swindlers, who send their books for nothtng, publish testi- monial?, which they write themselves, fictitious reviews Journals which do not exist, vrofess to cure diseases by galva- nism, electricity, instruments, fc., instead of medicines, which they style American treatmentand other aosurdities as cruel ^A^j^riian'many'years extensively engaged in the treatment ot debilitv, and the various mental and nervous affections re- sulting therefrom, will send free on receipt of vwo penny stamps to prepay hostage, a pamphlet containing bi» highly successful, and only safe treatment, with all the necessary prescriptions and directions by which sufferers may cure themselves at trifling cost. Address Mr Lawes, Medical Publisher, 14, Hand Court, Holborn, London. DO YOU WANT LUXURIANT HAIR, WHISKERS, MOUS- STACHIOS and EYEBROWS !—Of the numerous prepara- tions intended for the HAIR, none have maintained such celebrity^EMILIE DEAN'S CRINILENE, which is guaran- teed to produce Whiskers, Moustachios, and Eyebrows in a few weeks • and will be found eminently successful in nourishing, curling, and beautifying the Hair, checking f.reyness 11 all1 ifai stages, strengthening weak Hair and P«^n^at^n|a^- In the reproduction of Hair in baldness, ^om wftc^ cause and from whatever age, ONE TRIAL will Pâ„¢Ve baTis of I power. Ill the nursery it is indispensable, forming the Dasis ot a beautiful head of hair. Price 2s per bottle; large bottles, con- taining more than four times the small 5s ^"recetot of 24 all Chemists in the world, or sent post fiee, 0^ [ec^ 24 penny stamps, by Misses DEAN and Coupi.LLE.Hau Restorers, &c., Bedford House, Russell Square, London. W.C. EXTRACTS FROM LETTER' My hair was rapidly coming off, but in a week after using ycr Crinilene it ceased. I. Hick son, Eldon-street, Sheffield. «In the short time °f one fijrnig:ht I have got a beautiful moustache. —II. Adams, W ilsden I can now boast of a head of hair, which many cannot, I was quite bald on the crown of my head when I began unng it.-W. B. Every customer speaks highly of your Crinilene.F. P. Jones, Chemist, 5, Paradise-street, Liverpool. 'HINTS ON THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HAIR,' Whiskers, &c., with Testimonials, List of Agents, &c., sent post ree for four penny stamps. GOUT, RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, SCIATICA,NEURALGIA p> HA'LYSIS, GLANDULARSWELLINGS, CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, &C. mHF effects of heat, fumigation, &C., in curing the above and T manfother chroinc diseases are almost incredible. THE TURKLSH BATTIS, 20, Baker-street Por^ Under the direction of two Physicians. Consultations 11 till 3. A Pamphlet, (110 pages,) post free for 14 stamps. SKIN disFASVS GOUT, RHEUMATISM, LUMBAGO, &c. rixHEIR prevention and cure by heat and fumigation, the effccts T of in the above and many other chronic maladies, surnas';e« .>vervthing. 20, Baker-street, Portman-square, Lon- don!' Under the direction of two Physicians. Consultations 11 till three daily. A Pamphlet (133 pages), sent post free for 14 stamps. dTRlCTTBE OF THE URETHRA its nature, consequences, Vi.riet es, sftid speedy cure, without the pain and risk of lacer.»>iJn utting or other irrational measures, iiy Drs. Barker ar.d Henderson, M.R.C.S.E., &c. Price Is., or post free for 14 -t.imps by Johnson and Co., Publishers 10, Broo w-nrect Hol- born London and through all Booki) .ers. L AWES' SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. THOMAS HUGHES BEGS to inform his Agricultural Friends that ho has received a cargo of the aboTe named Manure, which is -D ready for delivery at his Warehouse at the Quay. llaverfordwest, 1st March, 1864. GREAT WESTERN BAIL WAY. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS. RETURN TICKETS issued a*, any Station on the Great Western Railway, on FRIDAY, following days, will be available for the RETURN JOURNEY, up to and including SATURDAY, tue zist of May. A CHEAP EXCURSION TRAIN VXTII^L LEAVE NEW MtLFORD FOR LONDON at 8.0 a,m. on MONDAY, MAY 16tb, 1864, calling at VV most of the Stations between Milfoid and Gloucester, and will Return from Paddington Station, on SATURDAY, May 21st, at8 a.m. Fares from New Milford—30s First Class; 18s Covered Carriages. For particulars as to Stations, times, and fareB, see hand-bills, obtainable at any of the Company's Offices and Stations. Paddington, 5th May, 1864. J. GRIERSON, General Manager. THE LIBRARY COMPA NY (LIMITED). CENTRAL OFFICES25, PALL MALL, 30, AND ST. JAMES'S SQUARE, LONDON. â– rpHE Directors of the Library Company (Limited) have opened a Branch Depot at HAVERFORDWEST, for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of that town andjneighbourhood with the Best Works in Biography, History, Travel, and Fiction, at the following very low scale of Subscription:— Twelve Months. Six Months. £ s. d. f, s. d. One Volumeatatime. 0 7 6 0 5 0 Two Volumes. 0 12 6 0 7 6 Four Volumes l 1 0 0 12 6 The Sto v of Books will be periodically increased and exchanged, from the General Collection in London, according to l imber of Subscribers, and the Most Popular Works will be supplied, as soon as the Town demand for the a' subsided. Every informr will be supplied on application to MR. E. J. POTTER, Bookseller, &c, High-street, where Subscriptions can be taken out. T. WEIGHER BAVIES, WHOLESALE CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, PORTER, & SEED MERCHANT, RESPECTFULLY returns thanks to his numerous Agricultural and other friends for the annually increasing patronape accorded to him, and at the same time T. W. D., in soliciting future favours, pledges himself to supply his customers with Goods of the most Genuine Quality on reasonable terms. Just imported, a Cargo of ALILSOPP'S PALE A L E. MANDER'S CELEBRATED DUBLIN STOUT, Also, a Cargo of Burnard, Lack, & Co's., of Plymouth, CONCENTRATED SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. This Manure has stood the practical test of Field Trials for many years with pre-eminent success. V. j- B. EUROPEAN AND COLONIAL WINE COMPANY, 122, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W., ESTABLISHED 1858, FOR the purpose of supplying the Nobility, Gentry, and Private Families with PURE WINES of the highest character, at a saving of at least 30 per cent. ROYAL VICTORIA SHERRY, 27s. per dozen, (The Standard of Excellence.) SPLENDID OLD PORT, 37s. per dozen. (Eleven Years in the Wood.) FINE OLD PORT, from the Wood 24s & 30s EXCELLENT DINNER SHERRY 20s & 24s OLD CRUSTED PORT 42» to 60s ST. JULIEN CLARET 18s, 20s, ′ 24s HOUK or MOS £ LLE 42s & 48s SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE 34«, 36s, 42s, 48s BEAUJOLAIS 20s and 24s per dozen. (Tbo Finest Imported.) SPANISH PORT. 15s per dozen. PRUSSIAN SHERRY IÕ8 ′ The Wines will all bear the seal of the I European and Colonial Wine Company.* Single Bottles are supplied Price Lists sent free, on application to the SOLE AGENTS FOR PEMBROKE-DOCK, C O P E M A N AND L A. C YS GROCERS, TEA. DEALERS, AND WINE MERCHANTS. HELP FOR ALL. A PHYSICIAN, upwards of 40 years in practice, having been succcssfulin curing thousand* of sufferers from nervous and general debility, loss of memory, indigestion, pains in the back, consumption, rheumatism, gravel, gout, and m&ny painful symptoms too numerous to mention, resulting from imprudence and other causes, is desiron* of imparting (gratis) to those who need it, the m ;fins by which their restoration to health was effected, and will send his book (100 pages) containing prescrip- tions in English, diet rules and all the necessary information for the self-treatment, &c., of nearly all the 'ills that flesh is heir to,' on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope. Address,— Dr. Russell, 22, Hawley Crescent, Hampsted Road, London. This book is offered with unaffected sincerity to all who need relief, and especially to those who have been deceived with quack books and medicines. 4 Your book is worth anything to those •who need a doctor.' J. Short, Luton. I adopted your pres- cription and advice, and my giddiness is all gone.' H. Merry, Longthorpe I value your book, and wish you to send me three copies to give away.' Rev W. Leigh. DO YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL HAIR, WHISKERS, &c DR. RUSSFLIL'S LIXIVENE, an elegantly perfumed toilet compound, for nourishing, preserving and restoring the hair, is guaranteed to produce moustachios, whiskers, eyebrows, &c., in two or three weeks, strengthen weak hair, prevent its falling off, zheeli greyness is all its stage*, restore the original colour, dispel scurf and dandriff, and make it clean, soft, curly and glossy. For the reproduction of hair in baldness, from whatever cause and at any age, its effects are certain; in thou- sands of cases iv has been successful when all other preparations had failed. In the nursery it is unequalled, as it keeps the head clean, and forms the basis of a beautiful head of hair. Price 2s, sufficient for thrre months' use, sent anywhere free by post on receipt of 21 penny stamps by Dr Russell, 22, Hawley Crescent, Hampsted Road, London. Sold by—and all other Chemists. Extracts from Testimonials: It has darkened my hair, and I can keep it in curl now.—Miss Curtiss. I had lost my hair in patches, your Lixivene has quite restored it.-Dr James.' I It has produced an excellent moustache.—J. Berry, Esq. Your Lixivene restored my hair after 3 years' baldness,-G. Morris.' «It has thickened my whiskers considerably.—R. Serle.' 1\1y hair has not fallen off since I commenced using it.—W. Smith.' NERVOUSNESS NO FANCY. THOUSANDS of poor sufferers can truly testify that nervous- ness is indeed no fancy, but a terrible reality that has baffled the skill of the wisest of our physicians to cure. Nervocf invalids suffering from low spirits and debility, noises in the head, melancholy, fear, blushing, dislike to society, sleeplessness, headache, indigestion, dimness of sight, lo"s of memory, giddi- nees, palpitation of the heart, neuralgia, fits, epilepsy, or any other of the thousand forms of this raging malady, will find Dr Thomson's Neniotonea most certain remedy. It has effected thousands of cures of all affections of the nervous system since its introduction to the public, and it is so sale that it can be used by young and old, however weak and ill they may be, and is so cheap that even the poorest have no longer a necessity to suffer. Price Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. per box, with dietary rules, &o. Sold by all Chemist*, or will be sent free by post on receipt of 14 or 33 penny stamps, by Dr Thomson, 28 Clarence Road, Kentish Town, London. My fearful headaches were completely cured by a few doses.' A.R. 'My atomach is in a healthy state, and I can enjoy my meals now.' J. W 'I was so nervous before taking your medicine, that I was unable to write. J. T. The trembling of the hands and knees is gone. I L- 1 no palpitation of the heart or hesitation since I took it. Mrs G. L. «The pains in the back are cured, and stooP Wlth ease now.' M.W. 'My wife suffered for years friimnervousness, giddiness in the head, pain across the forehead, and loss of ap- petite I am thankful to say your Neurotone cured her. G.G. RUPTURES CURED WITHOUT TRUSSES. ALL sufferers from these distressing complaints are earnestly invited to communicate with Dr Thomson, as he can guarantee them l elief in every case. His celebrated remedy has been successful in curing thousands of cases an<Pisi applicable to every variety of single or double rupture, however bad or long standing, in male or female of any age, a per- fect cure in a short time, without c»"sln8B inc<ln" venience, and thus doing away w:ith niecessity for wearing trusses, &c. The remedy, with fn]11 djirections for use, is sent anywhere free by post, on i.11 ′Vosta £ e stamp*, or a post-office order, by DrRalph Thomson, 28 Clarence Road, Kentish Town, London. t A "atl"'e> causes, symptoms, and varieties of m letters received from patients who have been c will be sent free by post to any one on receipt of 13 penny postage stamps. Consulta- tions (Fee, One Guinea,) dailv, 'r??1 11 tilJ 12 in the morning. Extracts from Testimonial I suffered so much previous to using your remedy, that I shall ever be thankful for the benefit I have received.Henry uuras. Your remedy has been a blessing to me, for 9~ f, A. ° a galling truss or some other support for all the 23. ears I had the rupture.'— Rev H. Martin. I find myself completely cured, and have tried every means to Frove the cure, y luting and running, which, I am hnppy to sav, I can do without pain or using any truss. F.W. Many thanks for your remedy; I have thrown my truss away, glad enough to get rid of the torture of it.'—G.H. DR. T!IOMSON ON NERVOUS DEBILITY The hundred and fifth. Thousand, 200 pages* THE FRIEND IN NEED. Y A MEDICAL work on Marriage its duties and hindrances spermatorrlia:a, syphilis, stricture, <tc., vuh prescriptions diet rules, and all necessary information for the *x>eedv cure of all* the diseases of Youth and Maturity; illustrated with "upwards ol fifty cases, t ent post free in an envelope, on receipt of two pennv postage stamps by Dr Thomson. Contents of the Work Insti- tutions of Marriage—Ob.igations of Wedlock—Causes of interrup- tion to Conjugal Happiness—Domestic Bliss—Healthy Offspring— Impregnation and Pregnancy—Description of the Organs of Generation in sexes—Masturbation its consequences- Sensuality ai d Remorse—Barrenness, its causes and Removal- Domestic Happn ess-Parental Bliss-'lurn of Life-Hope and Comfort—Sc ret Diseases, their varieties and Symptoms; their Remedy. Matrimony, its trials, joys, and responsibilities- Deficiencv of Natural Strength-How to Strengthen tue System- Instructions to .Sufl'erers—Suggcibtions of value to every person. DR THOMSON'S INVIGORATING PILLS Are a certain remedy for lumbago, gravel, pains in the back an loins, rheumatism, gout, discharges of all kinds, and all affec tions of the kidneys and bladder. In every case, however virulent and long standing, they afford instant relief and a ipeedy cure eradicating every trace of disease, purifying the blood and invigorating the system, The enormous sale these Pills have attained for many years past, and the daily receipt of testi- monials of cure, of nearly all the diseases the human frame is liable to, warrants the proprietor in asserting that they are th most efficacious medicine ever issued. Price Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d., per box. Sold by — and every other chemist in the world; or will be sent post-free, packed so as not to rattle, on receipt of 14,33, or 54 penny postage stamps by Dr Thomson. DR. THOMSON'S TONIC ELIXIR an unfailing specific, requiringno change of diet, &c., for relax ion, exhaustion, spermatorrhea, secondary symptoms, impuri ties of the blood, skin eruptions, epilepsy, erysipelas, weak eyes, lowness of spirits, loss of power, and every form of general and nervous debility, and has restored bodily vigour to thousands of persons who now enjoy perfect health. In all cases, even where every other treatment has failed, it eradicates the virus of disease, clears the complexion, quickens the blood, and performs a cure in an incredibly short time. Price lis., and four times the quantity at 33s., per bottle. Sold by and all other Chemists; or will be sent direct from the Establishment, on receipt of the amount. Address-Dr Ralpla Thomson, 28 Clarence Road, Kentish Town, London. Post Office Orders to be made payable at the General Post Offioe. HE I. DTB i< COMBINED WITH -AF F FOR a long series of years these trnly celebrated JD Coffees have been held in the highest estimation throughout the United Kingdom by the many thousands of families to whom they havo become an accustomed household beverage. So highly are CASS ELL'S COFFEKS esteemed, and so wide-spread is their reputation, that further commenda- tion may be considered needless. CASSELL'S COFFEE, No 2, Blue Wrapper, at Is 2d per lb., is the very article to produce a good strone econo mical beverage. 6 CASSELL'S COFFEE, NO. 3, Lilac Wrapper, at Is 4d per lb., possesses great strength, with fine fn 11 »′>rrL- flavour. In reality the Coffee for family use aromatlc CASSELL'S COFFEE, No. 4. Yellrmr per lb. A most rich and choice artirl^ at Coffee a decided treat. i lovers of fine air-tight" partTO'of'i Ib' M°S if"4!" appointed agent, throughout tb'e k?Dgdom*. hout the kingdom. AGENTS IN THIS DISTRICT. HAVERFORDWKST-Drakeford, W. Phillips, T. D. Meyler, Phillips Rees, Mrs Griffiths, J. Edwards, D. ABERYSTWYTH—J. Morgan, 41, Great Darkgate-street. CARDIGAN—D. Williams, tea dealer. CARMARTHEN—J. Lloyd, Nott's-square. CROSS INN-W. Jones, grocer. CASTLE HAVEN-Dennis. DALE—Spriggs. DINAs-Bennett. FERRYSIDE-W. Voyle, Wind-street. LAMBSTOS-Shears. LANGUM-Miss Thomas. LAUGHARNE—David Williams, grocer. MILFoRD-J. Johns, G. Thomas, W. Lloyd, II. Willacott. NARBERTH—J. Williams, Williams Brother's Morris Phillips. NKWCASTLK EMLYN—J. Jones, grocer. PEMBROKE-Willing, J. Powell, James, Wash, Parry. PEMBROKE-DOCK—Williams, Roeh, Peters, Sketch, Pro- vision Company, Hunt, Burnham, Copeman & Co., Smith. ST. DAVID'S—Williams, Owen. SA UNDERSFOOT-B. Thomas, grocer. SOLVA-Owen. STEPASIDB-T. Brown, procer. TENBY-W. Thomas, grocer. Wholesale from CASSELL, SMITH, & Co. 8j, Feu- church-street, London; and Longman, Leonard, and Robinson, Nelson-street, Bristol. Agents 5till apDoiwed; for terms apply as above* PHILPOTT, TAMLYN, & MORGAN, AND SURVE YORS. "XANDVALUE RS ACCOUNTANTS # AUCTIONEERS. Offices, opposite the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest. THE BRITISH MINER & GENERAL NEWSMAN A PUBLICATION devoted to tbe interests of tht Working Miners of the United Kingdom, Pub- lished every Friday afternoon, in time for the evening post. Price 2d. Stamped 3d. 1 To he had at the Office, 7, Burleigh-street, Strand, J London, and throughout the Mining Districts of England, Scotland, and Wales. BILIOUS and Liver Complaints, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Drowsiness, Giddiness, Spasms, and all Disorders of the Stomach and Bowels, are quickly removed by that well-irfiown remedy. FRAMPrON'S PILL OF HEALTH. They unite the recommendation of a mild operation with the most suc- cessful effect; and where an aperient is required nothing can be better adapted. Sold by all Medicine Vendors, price Is lid and 2s 9d per box. RATS! ItATS!! RATS! IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE DISCOVERY. HARVEY'S method EXTERMINATES all the RATS on the Premises in ONE WEEK, without the use of Poisons, Traps, Dogs, or Ferrets, and leaves NO DEAD RATS IN THE HOLES. Simple in its operation, Trifling in its expense, CER- TAIN in its SUCCESS, Permanent in its result. It hns proved an IMMENSE BOON to hundreds of FARMERS; is INVALUABLE to ALL PERSONS whose Lands or Premises are infested with these ob. noxious and destructive vermin; and is universally acknowledged to be the GREATEST SUCCESS OF THE DAY. Sent, post free, by the Inventor, on receipt of 30 Stamps, Address :—William Harvey, Wellington Road, near Jetty, Yarmouth, Norfolk. ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF 30 YEARS. DENTAL SURGERY. ,J0NES» S|,rSeon Dentist, M.C.D.E. No. 1, Nelson Place, Swansea, may be consulted as usual at the CASTLE HOTEL, HAVERFORDWEST, the first Tuesday in every month; COMMERCIAL HOTEL, PATER, on Wednesday; LION HOTEL, PEMBROKE on Thursday. Mr Jones also attends the second Tuesday and Wed- nesday in each mOIlU. at BANK HOUSE, TENBY; and on Thursday at the SOUTH WALES HOTEL, NEW MILFORD. (Private apartments at the Hotels.) Mr Jones adopts all the latest London improvement in the mechanical department, including fixing Artificia Mineral Teeth, in Gold, Vnlcanite, &c, over stumps and the most tender gums. Mr Jones guarantees all his casef to fit perfectly. Terms strictly moderate. Consultations Free. 1, Nelson P'ace. Swansea. to fit perfectly. Terms strictly moderate. Consultations Free. 1, Nelson place. Swansea.