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iHinmg Jnfcnignue. BRONJXOYD :âThe following quarterly report was p esen ed to the general meeting of this company, g held in London, on the 30th ultimo â ⢠Sm.-Since the last Quarterly Meeting the 52 fins, course ofXf mZe' J1*18 been extended on the this Hrivn i""8 ^at^oms seven fathoms of fir fSh gC y'fldfd on an average 3 tons of Lead Ore per fathom the last two fathoms has not been go productive. The lode in the present forebreast has a very promising apperance, and is now worth quite I ton ot Lead Ure per fathom, and is in course of driving by 6 men, at f8 per fathom. The Western end has bee* extended from Winze 8 fathoms 1 foot, on the South part of the load. Two fathoms of thig v drivage yielded over 3 tons of Lead Ore per fathom the last 5 fathoms only from 10 to 20 cwts. per fathom. The main part of the load is standing to the North of this drivage, and, as instructed by you, I have put the men to cut through the lode, from which we have since broken some good stones of Lead. Judging from its masterly apperance at this point, I believe, that when cut through, it will be found to be very productive. There are 6 men working this bar- gain the ground is very hard, consequently the progress is slow. Eight men are rising and stoping about 5 fathoms behind the Eastern end. The quan- tity of ground broken from these points during the past three months, i. e. in driving, stoping, is about 40 cubic fathoms, and has yielded 110 tons of Lead Ore, an average of 2 tons 15 cwtsforevery fath- om of ground broken. After we have properly opened out the ground, put in stulls, & and got the stopes in a fair way of working, the Mineral will come away much more expeditiously, and at less cost. Barton's cross-cut North (about 5 fathoms from Shaft in this same level) has been extended during the last 3 months 11 fms. I ft., and I am inclined to think we have cut the South part of the lode, whence all our returns are made 50 fathoms West. The lode being large, we shall have several fathoms to drive to reach the North wallbut this is an important trial, and should the lode prove to be productive, its value cannot be overestimated. The lode in the present end is composed of Blue Slate, Spar, Carbonate of Lime, and spots of Lead Ore. This point is in course of driving by 6 men, at. C4 per fathom. The stops in the bottom of the 40 are without change, still producing Ii tons of Lead per fathom. Six men are working this bargaiu. We have sold in the past quarter 117 tons 1 cwt. 1 gr. of Lead Ore, and I hope to sample in the nex 3 months quite 100 tons of good quauty Lead Ore at a cost of about JE700. The Machinery of the Mine is in good working order but we are hindered by severe frost and snow. (Signed) THOMAS KEMP. To J. B. BALCOMBE, Esq. January 27th, 1865.


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