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TOWN COUNCIL. Friday, 17th February, 1865. At the adjourned meeting held this day, chiefly to consider the proposal made for purchase of ground in Portland-street, on which to erect an English Congregational Church, the following members were present: Aldermen John Hughes and Thomas Jones; Councillors Thomas O. Morgan, J. Jones Atwood, George Fossett, John Roberts, jun., John Rees, G. T. Smith. Phiii). Williams, and John Mat- thews; Mr. John Parry, Town Clerk and Mr. Theo- dore PHul, Engineer. In the absence of the Mayor, Alderman Hughes was voted to the chair. Mr. Parry said that he had obtained the opinion of an Actuary as to the increased rent whit h ought to be paid by Mr. Pell for an extension of the lease of the Belle-vue Hotel, and as it very far exceeded the sum offered by Mr. Pell, the consideration of the subject had better be dropped for the present. He (Mr. Parry,) would not state whether the Ac- tuary's estimate was treble that of Mr. Pell. THE NEW CHAPEL. Mr. Matthews addressed the meeting. He said that, in accordance with a request which had been made to him at the last meeting, he had proceeded to set a valuation on the ground to be occupied by the new chapel, and in doing so he had considered the matter in a commercial point of view. He had come to the conclusion that in Portland-street there was space to erect three houses, the ground rent of which would be £ 3 each, and in Newfoundland-st. four houses of a lesser compass, at a rent of £ -2 each. He had calculated the land at 30 years' purchase. He thought (lakiner the existing lease into con- sideration) that £50 would be a fair purchase money for the plot. After some discussion it \\8S agreed that the fee simple of the ground be granted, subject to certain conditions, for the sum of £30. This proposition was moved by Mr. Williams, and seconded by Mr. Fossett. The meeting then in a body proceeded to inspect the new line of sea-wall from Victoria Terrace to Constitnfion Hill which had been staked out by Mr. George Lumley.


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