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THE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION. One would not think that Aberdare is the same place if one saw it now. and a few weeks ago. The conditions are the same. There is still an election on --still the Liberals and Conservatives rage furiously together --still they wax angry at one another, and will list not to the voice of the peacemaker." But little or no public interest is manifested in the events which are transpiring. The only busy people seem to be the Liberal Association, and their deadly foes, the members of the Con- servative Association. Liberals seem deter- mined to run candidates against the Con- servative gentlemen who have been nominated for the different wards. We should, as readily as all others, be prepared to admit that there would be no fun in allowing all the representatives from Aberdare to be Con- servatives, provided it were going to be a Party Council, and not a County Council. But we cannot yet see the force of making a great fuss,âraking up bad feelings,âand once more turning Aberdare upside down,âover an election for what is really no more than a large Local Board. What is it more than that? It is nothing more to us for the puposes of this election. We send our members from each ward just as in a local board election. It is simply a local board for a county, instead of a town. Why, then* should we split ourselves asunder, over a mere election for a local board ? Why not peace- fully and in harmony select the best men ? Both Liberals and Conservatives are cutting their noses off to spite their faces by saying "nay" to this man or that man, simply because he is a Conservative. They are, mayhap, putting a poor man in, simply because he is a Conservative or Liberal, where they could put a better man in, of the opposite political party. This, they fancy, is a Quixotic way of shewing their devotion to their principles. It is more than Quixotic,- it is foolish. And to be Quixotio is often to be foolish as the case in point proves. When they awake to the fact that politics should not, and, as we hope, will not, have any part in an organisation which is to be no more than a local board for the county, with certain extended powers, they will see that they have been over zealous for party. Once let us Bee, as we saw before that County Councils will not keep up to this ideal, and we should be as eager as anyone to see the Radicals in majority. We should work for this end and preach for this end until further orders. But let us first of all send up the best men. Let us do this that we may reap what advantage we can before the council becomes demoralised into a Party Council. We can easily alter the state of things. Aber. dare is Radical to the core, and we can easily carry our men in. Meanwhile do not let us be so far wanting in taste and gratitude for public services, as to refuse to send such men as Mr R. H. Rhys and Mr James Lewis. We could not do better. We are only hurrying matters on to unpleasant issues by making it a political election before we are driven to do it. Therefore let us show that we can be tolerant and wise for once in our day and generation, « I William Phillips is a nice man. He is the sort of man whom we should like to see treated by some giant in the same manner in which he treated the calf which he was driving through Trecyuou. The man who can cruelly beat a poor dumb animal is not far short of an animal himself. Because William Phillips acted like an animal,ânot being au animalâthe Bouch inflicted upon him a fine of ten shillings and coats. It is to be hoped that he will take the lesson to heart that if he cannot be man to be kind enough to dumb animals, the law will protect them. ⢠The local Jack the Ripper" has been let off with a severe reprimand. This is as we thought it would be. The Bench did not want to be too hard upon one who had been more foolish than vicious, âand yet this sort of thing had to be stopped. We hope that this will serve to check it as far as Aberdare is concerned. Already Mr Pritchard-Morgan, M.P., is be- sterring himself in the Welsh affairs. He at- tended or. Tuesday night a Welsh meeting at Dr. Owen Evaus's Chapel in Fetter Lane, Lon- don. He there pioposed a resolution urging upon the government the importance of translat- ing the Local Government Bill into Welsh with out delay, and, wonder of wonders I Mr Foulkes Griffiths seconded it. This was enough to knock one down on reading it. Mr Foulkes Griffiths seconding a resolution proposed by Mr Pritchard-Morgan Wonders will never cease! And yet it is pleasant to see this kiudnes* of feeling. Still the mild weather lasteth. And still the frost and snow keep off, only to come down upon us with tenfold force when the mildness is gone. It will be observed that young ladies like this sort of weather very well. It enables them to take evening walks up the Abernant or liirwain roads. ⢠⢠Some of the-we won't say Aberdare ministers -we should offend them-and what is more we do not believe it of ministers in Wales -they have a more conscientious idea of their calling but some of the ministers would not like to have such a hearer as a certain journal tells us a certain minister or clergyman had, one Sunday 11 evening, lie was an old gentleman who, being t donf, sat. up right under the pulpit Unfortun- ately, however, he could very well hear what the minister was saying and every now and then this old wretch would turn round to the audience, and utter in a loud voice, adverse comments on the sermon âsomething in this fashion :â" Ugh That's a bit of Robertson of Brighton. The minister got awfully red but I went on. Ugh That's a paragraph from Hooker. The minister got redder still, but still went on. Ugh! That's a bit of Tal- mage." The minister could not stand it any lon°er, and leaning over the pulpit, he said anerilv Confound you, sir, will you be quiet. "Ugh That's his own, said the old gentleman. 0 m In « country church on the borders of Wales, a few days ago, a young man named Kiss was married to a young woman named Lipful. This is a funny combination, and we should recom- mend Aberdare young ladies to see if they cannot bring about some such happy combination. This young lady will have a good long kiss, and it is to be hoped that she will enjoy it. [ =â=====»»

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