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I3BS\KF\ST. COCOA..âQA â'⢠By a thorough knowledge of govern tlio operations of diffestioi careful applieation of the flna pi cocoa, Air Epp. has provided our delicately flavoured hevemge which doctors' bills." â Cioil Service Oct: Boiling Water or ,*ilk. Each pa Eppj & Co., HouKeopbthie Cbeinist; ot tOpps's Gacoine, a vtery tlyn bevoi Manufacture of Cocoq, QAcaoiae, i now _;ive an account of ttíe process a Kpp-i and (Jo., mvnufacturers of wurksinthe Huston ito 11, t CiinseU'a LTmsehold Quitle. CAUTIOX.âIn calling the ai to a recent decision in the Ho case of "\V others? Ion v. Ullrrit elusive right to the use of the connection with Starch is indi would also intimate that thi$-- sale of the starch made by/tl and will subject the seller" of £ l(),00<). YVe beg to inornate have been induced to^uy it, from total loss we wilt allow the Glentield ^arclv Works, P for the genuine \u^(cle at the will entail a loss upon oursel v be broken up and sold for Wn, at the sa ne time be the mca Article useless for further deci ation th ic will leal to convict â II WOTEHRSPOON & Co. Beautiful ILiir.âThe Plai will only use Mrs. S. A. Alien will have no trouble about the World's flair Restorer will po restore the natural original co greyness, no matter from wha Hair is stimuli ed to haturat balsamu.n," as a Hair Dressin is tlu best article that can IJ gloss all I vig)rous appear m beautiful to see. The Restore, mum, :5s., in large bottles 0 parationsânot at all necessary â Depot, 2GG, High Holborn, I Chemists and Perfumers. VALUABLE Drsc )ygRY Po very nicely perfume i hair di Alexican Ilair Itenewer," now Chemists and Perfumers at 31. superseding all Hair liestojre tivehj restore, in every casqf 6 its original colour by a few dyeing it, or leavi,n< the flisa;r "Restorers." It makej the hi tiful, as well as prompting the bald spots, where t\1, glands ai tificate from Dr. Vfrsmann o full particulars. Ask for "1 RENEWEn," prepared by H. C, I Street, London. FLOBILINE -For the Teotb drops of the liquid Floriline' tooth-brush produces a pleasa, roughly cleanses the Teeth ft impurities, hardens the gtw stops decay, gives to the Tee whiteness, aud a.delighfcful fra It removes all\unple^'ant od< cayed teeth or tpbaeeb smoke, line being compg^a in part 0 herbs, it sometimes turns clou to the taste, and is the greater the age. Price 2s. <5d. for per jar for the Floriline POWI and Perfumers. Prepared by Oxford-street, London. rl^llK 11 iI It.âPor 4rt yenrs Mr< I Hair lt £ sronKii hii received t-tvourof the public, and co itribiitt te is of thousands ot persons whtlia ptvp,iratio > and th.e assur uceit of U It IS an unf.nhii;j specific to revivrf,' Original Natural Col ,t*r of t*es It aud iuvi^orscs irie a id ind ices a t»ealthy aiiT JSxuri prep trations cm pra luce tire same uy ait Ulxemnts and t'erfumers, Hit). Shillings- Depot,*260, High Holbcu THROAT AFFECTIOXa AND suffering from irritation of the ness will be agreeably surprise mediate relief afforded by tl: Bronchial Troches." Those fai now sold by most respectab country at Is. IJ44. per box F a hacking cough," a "iiii{ht ztffcccions,, cannot \try them t troubles, if allowe^L4;6 prog re: Pulmonary and Asthmatic affe words Brown's Bronchial T Government Stamp around Depot, 4M. Oxford-street. FOIt THIS COMPLEXION.âH gives a pure bloomia^ eompk ful beauty. Its tjlfcctll are gradual removes redness, blotches, pimples les, and mak s a lady of thirty 2 Magnolia Balm make^the skin appearance to th^ coudfteuancor 1 1 ist twenty five years. ~<SoldM alt in bottles at I'hroe ShilfcagV^ fiui Holborn, Londau. -3^ Holloway's Pills,-Weake sultry summer days strain tb and decrepit, and disease ma ome restorative such as these to correct the disord 1ril oway's medicine gives ease to which is the source of all vit presides over every action v growth and well-heing of the over estimate the uectssity ol well strung, or the'««se with complish that end. They an antidote to indigestion, irregi pitation, sick headache, and c th refore attained the largest putation. ADVICE TO MOTHEBS I- SOOTHING SYRUP roa OHII ways be used when Children it relieves the little sufferei duces natural qllÃet sleep by from pain, and the little chetti as a button." It is perfectly pleasant to taste. It aotOtAea a', the gums, allay\ all painV relic the bowels, aniA is thd best dyseuteryaud dia\rh<»^ wheth< d seateryaa(idi4 rii,e-.i y wliethe illg or other ca Mrs. Syrup is sold by trrbusauds of all parts of the woriq at ls., Millions of Mothers can test Manufactory, 493, Oxford-stfee ABERDAR Printed and Published by RI Tni3)PHrLUs LINKS Jones, riiiBS OPFrcu, Com nercial- the County of Glamorgan. SATUCBAT, June


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