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ABERDARE LOCAL B(.\llD OF HEALTH. The usual fortnightly meeting of the Board was held on Thursday, when the following mem- bers were present.âR H. Rbys, Esq chairman Messrs J. W, Jones, W. J. Thomas. D. Davies, L. Rhys, and the Rev. Dr. Price. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. ASSISTANT INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Assistant Inspector reported twenty fresh cases of small pox during the past fortnight, being an increase of six as compared with the previous fortnight, and six deaths, being an in- crease of one. INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The Inspector of Nuisances reported four pri- vies belonging to 24 houses, which were a great nuisances, viz., Nos 1, and 2, Queen-strvt, Nos. 14, and 15, Llanthpwy street, Nos. 42 to 49, Gla- morgan-street, of which Mr Evan Griffiths, Sur veyor, High-street, Aberdare, T is owner, also Nos. 3, and 4, Queen street, Nos. 12, and 13, Llanthewy-street, and Nos. 5 to 12, Commercial- place, Aberaman, of which Mr James Martel,No. 9, Dean-street, Aberdare,* is owner. The privies are attached and there is a covered drain at the bottom which empties into the open street in Llanthewy-street, near the crossing of Gla- morgan-strept. The soil from the above is al- lowed to flow over the surface of Llanthewy- street on to Cardiff-road and empties into a cul- vert there, but when there was a flood it flows across Cardiff-road, the stench from it being very bad during hot weather. He al.-o reported that the whol" of Llanthewy- street, is in a very bad state from Commerce- place to the bottom of the street. There was formerly a culvert through the above street from Rpgeut-street to the bottom, but it is now broken near Commerce-place, through the surface water so that no c.ut could paos, and in the night it was dangerous to foot passengers. There were also several drains from Baiicy's-row and Gla- morgan-street and Commerce-place emptying into Llanthewy-street, which w. re a great nuisance. There were also h'aps of ashes in the street, which the scavanger could not get at, the street being so much out of repair, and the inhabitants must consequently suffer much. He recommended the Board to entire the Surveyor to see it as soon as possible, and get. the proper parties to do what was necessary without delay. Several cases of overcrowding were also reported. LLANTHEWY- STREET, &C. The Chairman, alluding to the complaints in r ference to the state of the streets at Aberaman, stated that the Bo rd had hitherto been loath to call upon the owners of property to put them into repair because the cost was so great; but now there w"s such an improvement in the times and in property that he thought it would be no great hardship. Mr Thomas remarked that some of the streets â¢â¢vi-rein a very bad state Ur Price endorsed the Chairman's remarks as to the reasons why the Board had tak. ti no action in the matter btfore. The Surveyor was ordered to report upon it at the next meeting. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The following report of the Surveyor was read â Surveyor's OiTio >, 12th Juae, 1873 To the Aberdare Local Board of llealth. Mr Cuairraan and gentlpmcn,- I beg to report that I have examined the following nuisances, as reported by the Inspector of Nuisances :âFirstly, an open drain ¡¡par the Gadlys Cottage', in the occupation of Mr Davies, manager of the Gadlys Tinworks, and found the same to be a nuisance to the occupiers of premises adjoining the same. I would recommend that notice bo given to the said Mr Davies to construct and lay down a glazed stone ware 12-inch pipe sewer, from Alma-street to an existing sewer on the said pre- mises, which would abate the nuisance com- pl-iiood uf. Secondly, a choked up drain on the premises Nos. L>, 16, and 17, St. John-street, and belong- ing to David Jones, grocer. Mill-street. 1 would 1 recommend that notice be given to the said David Jones to ck-anse the s iid drain at once. I also beg to report that John Richards, chemist, has fixed sun blinds in front of his pre- mises iu Cardiff-street six feet fro.11 the ground only, with twd iron uprights set nine inches on to the footwey, so as to obstruct the passage of any person over or along such footway. I would recommend that notice be given to the said John Richards to hr.ve the said blinds fixed seven feet six inches from the ground; also the iron up- rights to be set plumb outside of the kerbstone. Building Plans. â I have received Building plans from the following named parties to whom leave may be granted to build. Edward Roberts Rock Brewery, a stable, coach-house, with loft over at the back of the Bunch of Grapes, High- street, Aberdare. Williair. Morgan, No. 1, Dare- road, a back kitchm and pantry, at the back of No.l, Dare-road, Cwmdare. David Davies,Canton House, Aberdare, a back kitchen at the back of No. 34, Fforchaman-road, Cwmn.ol. John Mor- gan, Cross Inn, Hirwain-road, 4 houses to be Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Rhos-place, Cemetery road. E an Rees, No. 24. ilirwain-road, two houses to be Nos, 5, and (;, Rhos-place, Cemetery-road. Wil- liam Matthews, No. 12, Harriet-street, two houses to be Nos. 7. and 8, Rhose-place, Ceme- tery road. Refuse the following named parties their plans to build ^Rees Bevan, grocer, Hirwain, four houses to be Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Bevan-place, Brecon-road, Hirwain, until the line of frontage is properly described upon his deposited plans. James Hill, Gadlys-terrtee, to alter a house in Gadlys-road, and belonging to the late Thomas Morgan, into three houses, a sbblt) and carpen- ters shop at the back until the plan for the im- provement of the roadway to Gadiys-terrace and Dare Villas be approved of by this Board. I am, Mr Chairman and Gentlemen, your obedient servant. RODDJM C. HALL, Surveyor. OBSTRUCTING THE PAVEMENTS. It was ordered that notice be given to Mr John Richards to fix the supports of his sun blinds out- side the ground kerbstones. Dr Price hoped the Survevor would go over all the shops alike. The Surveyor said he had done so. The Chairman thought attention should also be called to the objectionable practice of Laving boxes and bales of goods on the pavement, and that Mr Ha l should take notice of it and re- port to the Board. Of course, a reasonable time must be allowed for clearing the goods. GADLYS-TRIP. The Board agreed to offer £ 50 to the owner of the cottages at the side of the Gadlys-trip, on ac- count of the alleged damage caused oy the diver- sion of the road. C, PARK GRASS. It was ordered that tenders be invited for the park grass. The Board then separated-







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