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TABERNACLE CHAPEL.—An interesting social ,tea meeting was held at the above place of wor- ship on Thursday evening, the 12th inst., when thi re was a large attendance. Considerable busi- ness was transact, d. The singing was good. We ure pleased to report that the friends at the tabernacle bad arranged to present Mr Farr, t, (heir much resp< ct* d minister, with a receipt which entitles him to the b» npfit of the Pastor's Retiring Fund. Mr Farr has been very suc- CL-safut during his 12 months' pastorate in Aber- dare. We trust he may continue to prosper. MISSIOXAKT WORK AT ABEKDAP.E.—A!any of ( ur readers are awaro that considerable feeling 1 as been lately manifested in connection with missionary work in this town, the Nooconformist churches feeling that they need together put forth greater energy, and with better system in the matter. Our readers will be glad to hear that the matter is ripening into a more practical form. The feeling at tirst was that it would be well to employ a special town missionary and there are many who still continue to be of that ieeling. But the majority of the churches are more in favour of uniting to do the work them- nelves—to visit the streets systematically, with a view to find out those who may require encour to attt-nd the "means of grace." Ac- cordingly the place has been divided into dis- tricts, each district oiganising within itself to do the work. The town district, including Aber- ar.t, ;it a meeting held tnis week at Siloa school- I')<IIJ), has determined to commence with a gener- al praye r-meeting, to be held at Nazareth Chapel iitxi Monday evening. And it has been thought advisable to request all the churches in this (the town and Abernaut) district to seek among them- Alves by next Monday a number of persons- s me thin,; like ten per cent. who will be pre. 1 .red to undertake the work of visiting the tin. [S, according to a division of them intended to he submitted at a committee which will be held at Nazareth at the close of the general prayer-meeting. It is to be hoped that this movement will result in much good. ABERDARE BURIAL P)OA usual monthly meeting of this Board was held at the Clerk's Office on Wednesday, when there w,re present— The Rtv Dr Price, in the cbair, Messrs J. W. Jones, Evan Griffiths, and Morgan Edwards z, The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The Clerk stated that the body of a child had been interred at the cemetery, the death not having been registered. It was re- solved that in all caSt s in future the sexton re- quire the production of the registrar's certificate. The sexton's report was read, which referred to the body of David Jones lately exhumed at the cemetery by order of the Secretary of State. It also referred to the practice of erecting monu- ments, &c over unbricked graves in contraven- tion ot the 9th rule of the Board that two sur- plices were required that the contract for dig- ging graves terminated on the 15th July; and recommended that tenders for grass be advertised for, and contained an application for increase of salary. It was resolved that in future nothing but a head-stone or tablet, according to rule 9, be put over a common grave unbricked, whether the same be purchased or not. It was resolved that the surplices be ordered, and that the Clerk advertise for tenders fot digging graves. It was also resolved that the sexton's salary be increased to 30s. A grant of a grave space in favour of David Jones was duly signed and sealed, and grants in favour of Mr Lonie, Mr J. W. Jones Mr John Morgan, and Mr Stephen Thomas wer, ordered to be prepared by next meeting. The tenders for draining the north east end of the cemetery were opened. They were from Mr J. Hill and Messrs Jeanes and Hicks. Tho latter being the lowest was accepted subject to the con- tractors providing proper sureties. The consider- ation of obtaining a loan to carry out the drain- age work was ordered to stand over. ABERDARE SCHOOL BOARD.-The usuil fort- nightly meeting was huld on Thursday when there were present—jDr. Price, vice-chairman, in the chair. Rev. J. Evans, M.A., Messrs J. Williams and J. Wilkinson. Communications from the Education Department in reference to the Pen- ywain and Llwydcoed schools were read. The Clerk also produced copy of agreemenf between the Aberdare, Penywain, and Rhigos School Boards, which was approved of. The rest of the business was unimportant. UNLAWFUL WOUNDING.—At the Merthyr police-court, on Wednesday (Oefore Mr A. de Kutzen), three labourers residing at Aberaman, named David Davies, David Price, and Joseph Howells, were charged with maliciously wound. iag Thomas Longman, a navvy, at Aberaman, on the lOth inst. The otfence took place at the Royal Oak during a quarrel. They were arrested by Police-sergeant Melhuish, and committed for trial. THE MILITIA.—The recruits of the Royal Gla- morgan :Light Infantry Militia assembled on Monday, in Cardiff, for their annual training. Unlike the practice in former years, they are this year billetted in private houses, and a great num- ber of them accordingly have taken up their abode in private houses. ARKIVAL OF THE PEMBROKE AT CABDIFF.-The Pembroke left New York on the 28th of May, and arrived in Cardiff after the passage of 12 days, with 20 cabin and 12 steerage passengers, and a full cargo of American produce. During the voyage the weather was fine but occasionally foggy, Ihe following is a list of the cabin pas- sengers :-Mr and Miss T.N. James, Mrs Thomp- son and infant, Mr Francis Ward, Miss M. Rich- ards, Mrs Simon IbsJ, Vlr and Mrs George Cal- vert and Master Calvert, Mr and Mrs J. Q. A. Butler, Mr and Mrs C. L. Woodoridge, Mr and Mrs R. J. Richards, Mr Skuppell, Mr T. Mac- kenzie, Captain Sedley, Mrs Ellen Thorpe, Mr G. H. Thompson, Mr C. A. Becker. RIFLE CONTEST.—A friendly contest came off between an equal number of members of the Cowbridge and Aberdare Volunteer corps last week, which resulted in favour of the latter, not- withstanding that they shot with borrowed rifles. We append the score;- ABERDARE. tOo Yds. 500 Yds. Total. Capt. T. B. Powell. 17 17 34 Priv. F. Howell 22 18 40 Corpl. Thos. Phillips 18 20 38 Priv. John Aubrey. 21 21 42 it S. Oxenbam 18 23 41 E.Shannon 21 25 46 „ John James 17 19 36 1 Robert Brown. 20 22 42 Albert Howells.. 20 15 35 John Davies 20 11 31 335 COWBRIDGE. Lieut. S. I). Evans 18 21 39 Quartmstr. Jno. Thomas 16 11 27 Corpl. Jno. Thomas. 23 18 41 Priv. M. Thomas 19 22 41 „ Jno. Perkins 18 14 32 Col.-Sgt. E. Williams 18 21 39 Sergt. Jno. Williams ,.19 ..14. 33 Priv Walter Knapton,. 19 18 37 „ Fred. Miles 22 23 45 „ Thos. Xhonas. 16.22.38 372








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