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A PUBLIC MEETING was held at Hirwain last (Thursday) night for the purpose of adapting steps for the establishment of a separate board of health for the place. A full report of the proceedings shall oppear in our next. CARDIFF CASTI.E MUSIC HALL Penny Readings were well attended on Monday night, although there were many counter attractions in the town. Several good pieces were rt-ar1 by the Rev. J. Joseph Georgn, Mia. Simmonds, Master Sim- monds, and Mr. Dince. Also several good songs were givim by Messrs. D Davits (Welsh,) R. Evans, W. Thomas, and John Davie*, and the meeting terminated with a fantasia on the piano- forte, by Master Evans, which gave general satis- fation. LECTURE ON AMERICA.â On Tuesday evening the Rev. J. Thumas. who recently returned from New England, delivered a most instructive and entertaining lecture on America," at Ebenezer Chapel. The chair was ably filled by the li-ev. William Edwards, and there was a numer- ous and attentive audience present. The usual complimentary votes closed the proceed- ings. We are glad to learn that the proceeds of the lecture are intended to be added to the build- ing fund of the British Schools, a fund which we trust will never lack supporters iu the parish. Strenuous efforts are being made to cover the expense of erecting those splendid and well-con- ducted Schools, and all who have the cause of education at heart would do well to contribute after the manner of his means" to so good an object. Tux; CumsTY MINSTRELS.âLittle Roberts's talented company of Christy minstrels have re- cently been delighting the Aberdare public with their performances. Entertainments w«»re given by the sable gentlemen on Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday last, at the Temperance Hall, and a numerous audience attended on each occasiou. The performances were certainly most entertaining, and the burlesque portion thereof was real'y side-splitting. The musical part of the proceedings deserves any amount of praise, but as each of the contributors merits a separate notice, and our space is limited we refrain from singling out any name for special encomium. Little Roberts was, if possible, funnier and moremirth- provoking than ever, and we can only express our hopes IthHt when he and his exceedingly meri- torious troupe pay us another visit, they will be rewarded with even more widespread patronage than they received on this occasion. PRSENTATION MEETING. On Monday evening, January 22, a meeting was held in the Lydia Williams Lodge Room, at the Greyhound Inn in this town, to present Mr. David Williams, one of the founders of the Lodge, with a very handsome silver wntch. The Rev. Dr. Price, Grand Master of the Unity, was elected presidunt; and Mr. P. john, grocer, Grand Master of the District, was appointed to the vice presidency. The following gentlemen were called upon and took part in the meeting :âMessrs. Joshua Jones, Thomas Howells, John Williams. Henry Djvies, Evan Jones, William Hopkins, Williams, J. Phil- lips, D. R. Lewis, P. Pendry, Thomas Botting, and the Rev. Thomas John. The watch was gracefnlly handed over to Mr. Willliams, by Miss Jones, daughter of the host. The Witch was of excellent make and bore the following inscription Presented by the Lydia Williams Lodge, No. 5259, of 1.0. of O.F.M.U., to Mr. David Williams, P.P.G.M. for valuable services. Aberdare Dis- trict." Mr. Williams is one of the most useful and hardworking members of the friendly socitties, and is deserving of the respect of all who take an interest therein LLWYDCOKD PENNY READINGS.âA very plea- sant and successful entertainment came off fur the first time at the long room, Corner House, on Thursday, last week. In the absence of Mr. Wil- liam Williams, (Carw Coch,) Mr. Rees Davies occupied the chair. In opening the proceedings the chairman said, that it afforded him great pleasure to see that the Penny Readings had at last come into existence at Llwydcoed. He was of opinion that they would prove very beneficial to the place. The following was the programme: â Welsh reading, Mr. E. Gwynne; Recitation, Mr. William Jones; Song, "Toriad y Dvdd," Miss M. Hoivells; Welsh Reading, Mr. Jenkin Davies Song, Ymweliad y Bardd." Mr. Daniel John English Reading," "The Cockney's Excursion to Wales." Mr. L Edwards Song, Mr.T. Williams; Violin Solo, Mr. E. Williams Welsh Reading, Mr. David Lewis Song, Mr. Thomas D. Howells; Song, Marian Lee," Mr. Daniel John Welsh Reading, Mr. T. George Song, Mr. J. Jenkins; Song. Mr. T. Howells; Song, "Annie Lisle," Mr. T. Williams; Glee, Mr. T. Howells and party Duett, Minute Gun at Sea," Messrs. T. Williams and Daniel John; Finale, "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." The chairman then propos d a vote of thanks to Mr. Thomas Howells and party, for the kind assistance which they had ren- dered. and this was seconded by Mr.John Howells. Mr. Williams, Station Master, then moved that the hearty thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. John Howells for his liberality and kindness in placing at their disposal, free of charge, the room in which the meeting was convened. This was seconded by Mr. Thomas Howells, and carried unanimously. The pleasant and orderly meeting then terminated.âCOR. PKESENTATION. â On Tuesday evening last Mr. D. R. Lewis, secretary to the Prince of Walas" Ivorites Lodge, held at the Cardiff Cas- tle Hotel, was presented by the members of that lodge with a beautiful silver watch and chain value £9. Before eight o'clock nearly 400 Ivor- ites and their friends had seated themselves com- fortably in the large Music Hall attached to the hotel, awaiting the arrival of the chairman for the evening (the Rev. Dr. Price), who, when he took his seat, commenced the business of the evening in his usual happy style. The worthy chairman was supportei on the platform by the Rev. Mr. John of Ynyslwyd, Mr. Louie, colliery manager, Mr. Purcell, a commercial gentleman from London, and several other gentlemen of this town. The Ynyslwyd Baptist choir contri- buted considerably towards the evening's enter- tainment by singing several choice pieces; so did Mr. Woodcock on the cornet, and Master L. H. Evans on the pianoforte. Then the most impor- tant part of the business was gonf through by the chairman calling on Miss Margaret Mary Evans (daughter of the host) to present the watch and chain to Mr. D. R. Lewis, which she did in fitting style, informing him that she had the honour of presenting him in the name of the members of the Lodge with that beautiful watch and chain." The recipient then acknowledged the present in a feeling address. Several good son s, together with speeches from the rev. chairman, the Rev. Mr. John, Mr. Louie, and other gentlemen followed. Two hours were spent most pleasantly, when the meeting came to a close by the whole audience joining in singing God bless the Prince of Wales."









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