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SECESSION AGAIN! Hirwain threatens to secede from the Public Health District of Aberdare. Encouraged by the success of the vastly more numerous com- munity of Mountain Ash, our friends on the Common are going to try their hand. In their Cass, however, for reasons which are too ob- vious to need enumeration, the game will not be found an easy one-ie. if winning be the result sought. Mountain Ash is peculiarly situated Aber- dare drew a large amount of revenue from there for which it could give no adequate re- turn the place is densely populated by a peo- ple called suddenly together to meet the de- mands of the labour market, and from the fact that the larger portion of these lived beyond the boundary of the Aberdare Board of Health Distriot, they could have little or nothing done for them in a sanitary point of view. For these and other reasons which operated with even greater cogency, a separate board was readily awarded to our Mountain A sh neigh- bours, with a boundary for which they need be specially thanktul. Example is certainly more moving than precept, and we are not at all surprised, though we are a little amused, to find that two or three thousand peopleâor rather a few ambitious representatives thereof âare aiming to accomplish what has been done with great ease, if not with much grace, by their near neighbours. At first, we are told ;1 portion of Penderrin, which would include the Hirwain Ironworks, was intended to form a p:trt of tho projected district at Hirwain. Hut not finding the people of Prnderrin as lvady to join them as they expected, the pro- moters of the secession movement curbed their intentions, and they now only aim at including n area upon which there are about 3000 living souls. AVe have taken the trouble to consult Hansard, but we have been unable to discover that the promoters in Parliament of1 the Public Health Act of 1-848, or the Local Government Act of 1858, ever contemplated the establishment of a Board of Health under the circumstances by which Hirwain is sur- rounded. Though it contributes but £120 or £ 130 a year towards the general outlay of the Aberdare Board of Health, there has been about £ tOO a year on scavenging and repairs of roads alone laid out for its special benefit. This being the caso, the margin left, we trow, is a very small one wherewith to cover all the multifarious expenses attached to the working of a properly organised Board of Health. What, then, is the cause of complaint upon which our Hirwain friends ground their claim for a separate Board ? They were among the most eag^r to establish a Public Health Dis- trict in the valley, and up to the falling off of Mountain Ash they manifested no symptoms of disaffection; they have been most ably and honestly represented, their member, Mr. Pow- ell, being one of the most diligent and practi- cal members of the Board, and they have never, so far as we know, had any particular occasion to complain of a want of attention on the part of the Board. Indeed, we aie told that the rwil c'mse ef complaint arises from the circumstance that the place is too carefully looked after--that, in fact, it has too much attention* lavished upon it. One of the can- didates for honours in the event of a separate Board being formed for Hirwain is reported to have eaid. "We ean't build even a pigstye without haviag Hall (the surveyor) poking his "â 'Tiose into it. We'll establish a Board of our own, and then we can build as we like." Is this the explanation of the whole movement ? or is the fact that in addition to this sore question as to buiMing powers, the honours of office have been two circumscribed to suit the aspirations of a few of the most restless public spirits at Hirwain to be taken into account ? To paraphrase Mr. Peter Magnusâ"partly one and partly the other." This is undoubt- edly the answer. The people of Hirwain can- not possibly want sruch an expensive thing as a separate Board of Health, except for the self-glorification of a few gentlemen burning for the honours of office. It may be that the inhabitants of Hirwain have some complaints to make as to the manner in which they are dealt with by the Aberdare Board of Health. There never was a board against whose con. duct something could not always be said for boards of health, like all other human institu- tions, are leavened with imperfection. Mr. Hall, the sinful surveyor, may not be a man of silken ways, but we do believe he is an honest and faithful servant of the Board, and should there be any charges to bring against him or any of the other officials of the Board, let them be advanced in a manly and out-spoken man- ner. There is no excuse for stabbing in the dark, and there certainly is no occasion for every little district to petition for powers to govern itself, especially when self-government involves unnecessary taxation without any corresponding advantage. Let the ratepayers of Hirwain find any fault theyjhave a right to, and let them by all means point it out to the Aberdare Board. This they are fully justified in doing, and If our assistance will avail them in such a course it shall be at their command. Apelles, the renowned Greek painter, was pleased with the criticism of the shoemaker who found fault with the shoe in one of his pic- tures, and availed himself of the critic's ad- vice. but when this son of Crispin, encouraged bv the success of his first remark, proceeded to extend his censure to other portions of the pic- ture, Apelles grew irate, and gave utterance to the oft-repeated adviceâne sutor ultra crepi- dam. With all necessary deference we quote this sentiment for the behoof of some of our Hirwain friends Let them complain, and let them struggle for anything which may have been denied them, but let them not go be- yond their "last." As there is a limit to everything human, every man should limit his desire to serve the public to what is fair and possible, and above all should he strive to escape the dangers into which vaulting ambition" so frequently leads men who are even greater than village politicians.



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